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Moving house? Make it easy the Wright way with our simple guide!

Posted on July 15, 2015

Choosing a removal company

Moving out takes a huge deal of organisation, this is why you have to take all of your worldly possessions into consideration. Price isn’t everything when it comes to removals companies so make sure you shop around, reading the small print is vital as there are regularly hidden charges or exemptions. Make sure you check reviews and get recommendations as the last thing you need is opening a box of smashed china or finding your TV screen with a curtain pole through it.
House packing

First things first, have a clear out! Do you really need that pair of shoes with half a sole missing or the teddy bear collection with missing eyes? The answer is probably not! The less you have, the less you have to take with you to your new home. Time is also a huge factor as the chances are you can’t pack your life into boxes in just a few hours, so give yourself as long as you possibly can. Start packing by room and label each box with contents and where it belongs, so if you’ve filled a box with pans, make sure you clearly state “pans – kitchen” to make unpacking less stressful.

Moving day

First things first, set your removal company off on their way to your new home armed with a key and a floor plan. A floor plan will make their job easier when placing boxes in your house, they will know where they are going and therefore won’t have to keep asking you. Make sure you have a handful of toiletries and towels left spare for a shower when you get there. Ensure that you stay in your house until the last box has left and do a sweep to make sure nothing has been left behind, ensure gas, electric and water supplies are all switched off (if applicable) and windows and doors should all be locked securely.

On arrival in your new home, ensure all items, fixtures and fittings that were agreed in the lease are present and correct and if anything is missing contact your agent as soon as you can. Check the property for faults and if you find any contact your landlord or agent. Finally take meter readings and ensure that the electricity, gas, water, heating, phone and alarms work.

Moving with children

Moving house can be very distressing for children, especially if they are leaving behind their friends and school. A good way to overcome this is to arrange a little leaving party for your child, invite their friends around for as small tea and take photos, also make sure they exchange addresses and telephone numbers so they are able to stay in contact.
Ensure their toys are the last things to be loaded onto the removal trucks so they are the first things to be pulled off at the other side and they can begin unpacking and finally move into their new room and begin settling in.

Moving with pets

Have an identity collar made with your new address that they will wear on the day of the move and for the first week after moving in, this ensures that your pet will be returned to you should they go missing during or after the move. Just like humans, animals suffer from travel sickness so see a vet before you travel for any medication that could make their move easier.