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Moving into a House Share

Posted on October 23, 2019

As a young adult, you may have to eventually relocate for higher education or to take up your first job. Choosing where to relocate to and whether to stay alone or share a home are two crucial decisions that will impact your future considerably. Regardless of whether you decide to live alone or share the accommodation, both have their benefits and drawbacks.

House sharing works out cheaper than living alone but the biggest downside is you lose your privacy. Consider the pros and cons of shared housing before deciding to move into a shared accommodation.

Whether you want to live alone or share a home, the letting agents in Newcastle at Wright Residential can help you find the right home for sharing.

Considerations for Moving into a Shared Accommodation

At the outset, discuss amongst yourselves some basic rules that all of you will agree to abide by. Also, make sure to capture photos of every inch of the house. After all, you would not want the landlord to hold you responsible for damages that were not caused by you.

Create a monthly plan for fixed costs including utilities, rent, toilet papers, and so on. Open a bank account for bill payment through direct-debit, and also set up direct-debit for every housemate’s account for sharing the expenses.

The Benefits of Flat Sharing

Shared housing works best for young professionals, college and university students for the following reasons:

  • You Make Friends for Good – When you share a flat with perfect strangers, there is a good chance you may end up having a lasting relationship with them. And you know that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • You Share the Costs – Financial gain is undoubtedly the biggest reason why a lot of young people opt for flat sharing. You not only share rent but other major expenses also like utilities and internet connectivity. Most importantly, house-sharing will enable you to save enough to contact our estate agents in Newcastle for buying a property.
  • You Enjoy a Quality Life – Sharing rent, electricity and gas bills means you have a disposable income for shopping, travelling, etc.

  House Sharing Cons

  • Loss of Privacy – You should be mentally prepared for the loss of privacy associated with shared accommodation.
  • You Have to Share Personal Items – On one hand, you get to use things that may be beyond your means. On the other hand, you should be ready to share your perfume or shampoo.
  • There Will Be Problems You Cannot Avoid – You not only share rent or utilities but responsibilities as well, like house cleaning.

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