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Signs You’re Ready to Move in Together

Posted on July 18, 2019

If you’re seriously considering moving in with your partner, you’re in good company. Nearly 18 million unwed individuals were cohabiting in 2016 out of which almost 50% were below 35. Statistics apart, your decision to live-in should be commitment-driven rather than convenience. Before contacting estate agents in Newcastle, ensure that you and your partner are ready to cohabit.

You know you’re ready to move in together when:

You’re Self-Dependent

In case you or your partner is co-dependent it may not be a good idea to cohabit. If either one of you relies excessively on the other for fulfilling emotional or psychological needs, things might take a turn for the worse.

It is one thing to look up to one another for love and support but to be hopelessly dependent on your live-in mate is quite another.

In a co-dependent relationship, the needs and preferences of one person gradually become prioritised over the other. You should be able to fend for yourself and have a social network of your own.

Being able to take care of and provide for oneself is the key to maintaining the spark in the relationship when living together.

You’re Candid about Your Financial Status

When you’ve already decided to live together, perhaps both of you’re already aware of each other’s financial standing.

If not, the two of you should sit down and discuss your financial position. Consider how you to intend to split the basic expenses like rent or mortgage, healthcare and food before getting in touch with letting agents in Newcastle.

You Both Know What Lies Ahead

Many live-in couples have confessed that their cohabitation didn’t stand the test of time because they didn’t have a plan for the future. These live-in relationships did not last primarily because they moved in without discussing why they were doing so in the first place.

They thought that things might work out as a matter of course after they moved in but unfortunately did not. And that is one mistake you’d want to avoid if you wish to stay together for the long-term.

Both of You Appreciate the Personal Eccentricities

Is your partner aware that you prefer sleeping with the lights on or that you leave the kitchen countertop in a mess after cooking?

Are you willing to live with someone who is a heavy snorer or leaves the door open after stepping inside?

Make sure you’re familiar with your partner’s lifestyle and are willing to live with it and vice versa.

You Realise Cohabiting Could Be Challenging

There’s a high possibility that you may end up becoming disillusioned if you view the situation (staying together) with rose coloured glasses. Things will appear hunky-dory before you move in.

It is only when you begin living under the same roof that the hard reality will sink in.

Therefore, discuss the potential conflicts and the unpleasant effects of incompatibilities well in advance.

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