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Top Moving House Gifts

Posted on February 19, 2020

Few things let your friends and neighbours know you care as much as a housewarming gift. Moving can be a lot of work, as our property management specialists in Newcastle know. What to get them? Well, it depends on what kind of house they are moving into.

People who are moving into apartments have different needs than people who have just bought their first home. Our estate agents in Newcastle see a lot of different types of families. From a new couple to an established house with several pets and children, the range of household types is vast.

Here are some of the top gifts for people moving in.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts like custom doormats are a great thing for people getting their first apartment or first home together. It’s a chance to commemorate a new stage in life.

Because of the fact that people have collected more gifts in their life if it’s not their first home or apartment, it’s a wise idea to save personalised gifts for those with fewer household items. You don’t want to overwhelm people with personalised things.


In contrast, organisers are a favourite with all types of households. It seems that that entryway or garage just will not de-clutter itself! Try to match the new home’s style as well as that of the occupants. It’s probably better to hedge toward the neutral, although we all know some people that doesn’t apply to.


Make sure to get something that smells great and isn’t too hard to care for. While some people do love high-maintenance plants like African violets or herbs, it’s best to let them pick them out themselves.

Some easy-care plants include aloe, cactus, ferns, and peace lilies.


Champagne is an easy favourite. You don’t have to get anything really expensive. The thought is what counts here! Most people like party champagne as a gift, but it’s not a rule that you must take the party route. You can also get one that you know goes with the family’s favourite dinner.


Nothing says moving in quite like new throws. The idea here is to go with a nice neutral in a really cozy weave. People love to snuggle up in their new living room with a great blanket. Any plush version from a good store will do. If you want to get really fancy, you can look into specialty fibres. This isn’t necessary, however.


Letting agents in Newcastle will get your friends moved in, but it’s up to the neighbourhood to help them make it a home. All in all, stick with nice neutrals and staples that everyone will love. Remember that it’s the thought that counts.

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