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Top Tips to Make Your Rental Place Feel Like Home

Posted on March 24, 2020

Nothing is as monotonous as living with the “just for now” attitude. You need to make your rental feel like home. First, it is vital to involve letting agents in Newcastle to help you get an apartment that you can quickly transform it into a dream home. Here are our top tips to make your rental place feel like home.

Mirror It Up

Mirrors are a perfect way to make a small space look bigger than it actually is. Having a bigger living space is rare in rentals, and therefore putting mirrors up might enhance your rental apartment. You can also use mirrors as decorative pieces.

Use Wall Art

Research has shown that looking at wall art makes people feel like home. Hence, get art pieces that correspond with the style of your house. Hang them in all the rooms for extra effect.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls in your favourite colour will give you the impression that you are living in your home. However, you need first to ask the landlord if you can paint to avoid any issues when you want to move out.

If you are not allowed to paint, use wallpapers. Wallpapers come in different styles, patterns and colours. Choose one that makes you feel like home. You can easily remove wallpaper when you move out.

Use Plants

Putting plants in your house makes you feel relaxed. Relaxation is a feeling that is linked to being at home. Hence, it can help if you consider putting plants in your apartment. Use beautiful vases for aesthetic purposes.

Use Rugs

If you don’t like the flooring in your apartment, it is advisable to use mats and rugs. Rugs add layers and significantly change the look of the house. Choose a rug in a style that goes with your furniture.

Better yet, our estate agents in Newcastle can help you find an apartment that has the right flooring that will easily match your carpets.

Personalise the Space

Hanging old photos helps personalise your rental property.

It makes your apartment feel like home since you can see yourself through the style of the house.

Other than pictures, use a throw blanket or throw pillows that you made or probably got from home. These pieces will make your rental give you the impression that you are at home.

Use Our Letting Services

Wright Residential has helped many people in the UK get their dream rentals. We can help you find the perfect apartment, which you can quickly turn into a home. We also offer property management in Newcastle and beyond. Contact us for quality services at reasonable charges.