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Holding Fee

The deposit is refundable in the following circumstances: 1.The offer is not acceptable by the Landlord. 2.The landlord does not agree to the Special Conditions above. 3. The landlord withdraws the property.*

I hereby authorise Wright Residential Ltd to take references as to my character and means. I acknowledge that the fee I have paid is to confirm my intention to take up a Tenancy of the above property and to hold the property until enquires as to my suitability have been conducted satisfactorily. Should my references not meet the required criteria, or my application is unsuccessful, or I withdraw my application for any reason, the fee paid will be used to cover the administration and other costs incurred by Wright Residential Ltd. I understand that this agreement does not create a Tenancy or the right to occupy the property in any way or form.

Application forms must be received back into the office within 10 days of paying your holding fee otherwise the property will be re-advertised and your holding fee will not be refunded.

I certify that all the information I have supplied to Wright Residential Ltd. is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have read and understood the above terms.