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When is the Best Time of Year to Move?

Posted on December 18, 2019

Have you bought a new house recently and waiting for the opportune time to move? Most people in the UK relocate during the summer months starting from April through September. The majority of families with children of school-age move during summer as the schools remain closed for the better part of summer.

However, you’ll have to pay more to the movers during the peak season as they might be fully booked.  Nevertheless, the ‘best time to move’ could vary from one family to other depending on several factors.

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Why It Is the Best Season to Relocate?

  • Easy availability of moving companies.
  • Moving fees are far lower compared to the summer months.
  • The weather stays cool and pleasant.

Why It Is Not?

  • Families having school-going children may find relocating a challenge owing to year-end examinations and annual school functions.


Why it is the Best Season to Relocate?

  • Longer days mean that you get more time of day for the move.
  • Summer break in schools means studies of school-children are not disrupted.

Why It’s Not?

  • You may struggle to hire a mover as most moving companies might have their hands full the entire summer.
  • You will have to fork out more for the move.
  • Your belongings may reach your new home long after you have moved in as your mover could be moving multiple families around the same time.
  • Weather remains hot and sultry


Why it is the Best Season to Relocate?

  • The weather is conducive to house moving.
  • Our letting agents in Newcastle may be able to help you strike a bargain deal on a home as property rates start to plummet from October.
  • You make the most of Christmas holidays in your new home.

Why It is Not?

  • Studies of schoolchildren will be hampered.
  • Movers may struggle to depute personnel owing to the holiday season.


Why It Is the Best Season to Relocate?

  • Moving rates will be lower in comparison to the summer months.
  • Moving companies will be easily available.
  • You can choose your relocation schedule per your convenience.

Why It Is Not?

  • The extremely cold conditions discourage many families and individuals from moving.
  • Snow covered roads could make driving difficult and risky.
  • You may have to take extra safety measures to protect your belongings and making the move safe.

Our experienced estate agents in Newcastle strongly recommend you consider your budget, the availability of movers, school-age children and the climate before identifying the ‘best time to move’.

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